Friday, May 31, 2013

Wolf Pack Continued...

Okay as promised more of the story of the wolf pack.

       When I left off I was setting up the pack and the members of the pack for you. Well now that we are acquainted with the pack (to a degree) let's talk about what they do to those they see as a threat.  
Let me start by telling you I observed the pack devour and toss out a pack member when I first got there but against my instinct I thought that maybe just maybe she did something wrong to them to make them hate her so much.  The truth is no she didn't, she just dressed too nice and was too eager to do her job. I realized later that they just do the bare minimum and she was going to make them look bad by actually doing work. You will notice this a lot in different environments, no one wants to look bad when they know they are doing the bare minimum and then someone comes along that reminds them they could be doing more. Now keep in mind the person never actually has to say that the other people are not doing enough, their own guilt makes them think this and they do not like thinking about it, so if the person who actually works were not there anymore they could go back to their happy ignorance and not think about what they are not doing.
        Also keep in mind that most wolf packs are lead by a woman but oddly a man is the owner or CEO in companies. In families although there is a man who probably should be the pack leader it's often a woman who is an alpha and the man is a beta.  Usually these men are either clueless to the fact that these women are devouring others in the pack or they know and are too afraid to say or do anything about the slaughter of these innocent pack members.
            Okay back to the story. These women managed to purposely sabotage this woman, withhold information she needed to succeed in her duties, and for lack of a better word bully this woman. I later found out that they were trying to make her hate it so much that she would quit. This is a tactic that like a wolf pack involves an all out attack on the pack member by all members of the pack. First the pack leader signals the pack, they are an organized killing machine. They stalk the prey,  they surround the prey, they tease the prey as a fear tactic. This allows them to wear the prey down and attack from all sides.     
               The attacks are often like watching Animal Planet. Picture it the pack surrounds a baby zebra, they circle the zebra looking for any signs of weakness or an open spot to attack. The pack leader starts the hunt nipping at the zebras legs as the zebra is running as fast as it's little legs will allow it to move. The pack joins in from all sides with attack after attack hitting the zebra from every direction. The zebra doesn't know where to look, which side to protect, what to do. This frenzy is intentional it leaves the zebra open to attack. The zebra tries to get away until it is too injured and too weak to keep going. Bleeding from numerous bites, tired and scared the zebra is taken down by several member of the pack and devoured quickly.
                    That is what it was like to watch this woman as she was devoured by the pack. I heard them talk about her and what she was wearing that day. I heard the comments about how she really doesn't need to be doing work out of work. " She's trying too hard", "Did you see those shoes? I wouldn't wear that out. Who does she think she is Angelina Jolie?"  I then saw them sabattoge her work, making sure she was "misplacing" things, making it seem like she forgot things, and getting attitude any time she asked for anything.

                      I had seen this before and I knew that helping only lead to you becoming the next victim. I convinced myself that she must have deserved it, she MUST have done something to them that would make them do this to her everyday. I know she didn't, and I know it is wrong to stand by but the thing you have to realize is that most of us especially women just end up standing by or we become apart of the pack. Ohh we think every once in a while how wrong it is but we let that be a fleeting thought and we keep doing it because who wants to be on the other end of a wolf pack.

Okay for now that is enough of the story but believe me it is far from over this is just the beginning of a long story/stories.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I am a sociologist by trade and I have found that I was a part of a social observation without even knowing I was in the observation and observing.  I have observed the wolf pack in action  and now I am going to write about the pack. The pack may exist for men but it is prevalent among women and I think all women will be able to relate to these stories of the pack....

    It's funny still being a girl and getting past the wolf pack. I read a short story the other day about wolf packs. It's so funny that in a wolf pack there is the alpha. There is always the one wolf vying to be the alpha and the spot can be lost.  This means that the alpha is always on the defense protecting her spot in the pack. Then there are the betas who follow the alpha. Well in the world of girl (and I say girl because these are not women. A real woman would stand on her own and not follow the pack so these are girls) the alpha who is not really that great but is the best in the current group and will never let someone better come in as she is worried about her pack starting to accept the newcomer. I just left a job where the pack was crazy and I am going to tell you about the crazy.
      Names will be changed but the details are crazy and true...

     So let's start from this day and work our way backwards I will change names but this story is going to be unbelievable and might make you say wow people like this exist.
        In the beginning I come into the pack and I get told how I am too happy, I do not have to wear makeup every day, and I am too skinny. Please ladies tell me have you ever in your life said any of these things to anyone? Then ask yourself have you ever said these things to yourself? If you would not look at your self in the mirror and say to yourself you are too happy with your life you should get a little more depressed, then you should never say it to someone else. Slap your self and then think before you speak. With that said let's set up the actual pack to give you a better understanding of why the pack behaves this way.
 "The pack" in this first chapter will seem familiar to the ladies and you will be able to pick yourself out in the pack or pick out others in the pack. The people in the stories will basically be the same in every pack and you will start to see the Amy, Sharon, or Dee in the pack at your work, family, or school and later other pack members will be added based on other stories.
        The Pack:
        Sharon at the most recent office thinks that she is the leader of the pack but she is not. Amy is actually the leader of the pack but she let's Sharon believe that she is the leader.  Amy has daddy and control issues and is a spoiled brat who always wants her way. Sharon follows Amy but Amy makes Sharon think everything was Sharon's idea when really Amy put the thought in her mind. Sharon is a little dense and does not realize that Amy is manipulating her and she probably never will. Dee is the lost one who just follows them blindly and does not think. She has mommy and daddy issues so she defends herself with sarcasm like her mother does with her and she follows whoever the perceived leader is of the pack. She is the smartest dumb person you will ever meet because she knows how to play the pack leader but she is not very efficient on her own. She is a manipulator of people but she is defensive.
     So the pack leader Amy saw in me as a threat. She is married but wants all the attention from the male boss (daddy issues). She sees that any means of someone else talking to him is a threat to her territory. I asked myself often does her husband know? Did she sleep with him before? Why the defending of territory that should not be yours? Dee was the same way and it was creepy because they were both married but touched the boss inappropriately (in my mind for married women) and talked to him inappropriately. This is something I have noticed at more than one setting and will be a reoccurring theme in these stories.  The crazy continues in this first story and it only gets crazier. New stories but same wolf pack setup almost the same pack in each place.  The current story will be continued and the drama will unfold. In the mean time think about your work, school, or family and see if you can pick out the Amy, Sharon, or Dee in your life and your pack...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Being a Girl

So the other day I did the girly thing and watched Sex and the City the movie. I remembered why I love being a girl. I love that movie, the outfits, the shoes, the romance, the friendships! I also thought real friends are not like this, not female friends anyway. Don't you wish that in those times when your life is going great that there were three friends there to say that they were happy for you and really mean it. No "ohh that's so great", with the fakest, hardest half smile ever?  I wish women were more supportive and really were happy to see each other do well. If you have that friend who is super skinny, has the perfect boyfriend, is really smart and you hate her, stop! There is no reason to hate her just because you admire the things she has, admire it and strive for it, emulate her and see how you can improve each other.
I know we have all felt like someone's life is better than ours but maybe they have their own battles and maybe you can help each other and support each other through those hard times. In the wolf pack it seems there is no room for true friendship. I wonder why not? We can't all be the pack leader and we can't all spend our entire lives challenging the pack leader. Maybe we could all learn to take turns being the pack leader, when you don't have it in you step down and be part of the pack but when something great happens in your life then you lead the pack with a smile and with the packs encouragement.  I hope that women come to realize that the pack is there for support and that we don't have to be alone in this thing called life. So stop acting so much like a pack of wild wolves and grab onto your humanity a little bit more.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Looking back on times I had with my sisters there have been some funny stories.  I for one remember when I was reading a magazine and there was a shampoo for your private parts called privpoo. I started talking about it out loud as I was reading and my sister says how she washes her body with shampoo. My husband says he washes with soap. I say that I wash my body with body wash but I was my private parts with soap. The conversations we end up having are so random. These are the things that happen in real life, these are those funny moments where you wonder... How did we get to this conversation?  I have  a lot of those funny moments and weird conversations. It is these moments that make me realize that you have to enjoy every moment, every laugh, every memory. It's about to be a new year and I hope that I remember that although the best is yet to come I should not forget what has already made my life great.  I hope to share more funny memories in this blog in between talking about the crazy lives of women.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Well my horoscope said that I should be creative this month. It said to write, draw, or take pictures, explore the arts. I guess it's funny that I started writing this blog this month. Well went to work today and the pack is as crazy as ever. The boss micromanages and then tries to be your best friend, mostly because she doesn't really have any friends outside of work. I call us her work pack. She wants to be the pack leader and your friend all at once when really we are all thinking she really is neither.  The rest of the pack took every advantage to turn on each other and of course as usual everyone has to choose one person to hate all at once. The new girl seems to be the target this time. I always think that I will stay neutral but some how neutral seems to get you turned on. I guess it makes since because in a real pack you have to choose a side and it seems to be the same way with women no matter what age. No one ever tells you that elementary school, middle school, high school skip college and then again the real world will all be very similar when it comes to the rules of engagement with women. I think the games just get more sophisticated and women become like crazy spies practicing espionage. This blog will continue and it will be a mix of the funny stories I get to experience as a women and the crazy life that women really live but don't talk about out loud. I hope to talk about my everyday life, family, friends, "the pack", marriage, kids, fun, shopping, trips, life...

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Beginning

This is the beginning of a blog that is meant to tell you about the life of women. The life of how women can be a lot like a pack of wild animals. They are always trying to establish dominance in their relationships with others and often attack those seen as a threat.  This will be a blog of truth and there will be humor, travel, beauty and so much more. It is the life in the day of a woman who is just trying to make it through in the wolf pack.